Thursday, March 1, 2007

Good Night And Good Luck

A dog used to reside in my household.
His name was Bode (bow-dee).
When we first got him, he was a little slow, but we thought it would just go away.
Bode confused about the snow last winter.

He ended up being very, very stupid.
He wasn't the dumbest dog around, but he was still very, very stupid.
He started chewing up shoes, gloves, and a lot more things.
One day, Bode jumped over the border that kept him from wrecking the house.

He was beaten for what he did to the house.

To this day, he was afraid to go past the imaginary line that the border was located.

Bode would do very stupid things, such as bite the tires of the four-wheeler and get his face run over.
He would also drag garbage from the ditches and fields to our yard.
He would chase people, vehicles, and even farm equipment.

He started chasing birds, catching them in mid-air, and eating them.
He would chase away the only descendant of our favorite cat, Garfield, who has been missing for the past couple weeks.
Last week he killed and ate a squirrel.
So far, Bode had costed over $1,500 over the span of a little more than one year.
I'll just say flat out that I didn't like Bode.

Either this morning or last night, a baby calf was born.
It had managed to cross the fence somehow, and was killed and partially eaten by Bode.

The thing I had been bugging my dad about him doing for months finally happened.

Bode is now lying down somewhere with a lead bullet in the back of his head, waiting for the coyotes to come for his body.

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