Friday, July 6, 2007

Live Earth and today's "all time record high temperatures"

I don't know if we did get these "all time record high temperatures" that we were supposed to get across various parts of the nation, as I haven't watched the news since 1:00 P.M. But, there was one thing that I noticed that couldn't have been better.
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Live Earth is scheduled for Saturday or Sunday, and is all across this world. It is similar to Live Eight, and all the other thousands upon thousands of these Live things that have sprung up in the past couple years.

Well, to get to the point, Live Earth is about global warming, and here we are, a couple days before Live Earth, with very, very high temperatures. This thing is going to be thrown all across the media, which is good, and a lot more people are going to be aware of ways to combat global warming.
This should help out everyone's knowledge of global warming (even though it helps increase it for a small amount of time), and I'm probably going to be watching a bunch of it also!
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Now, all we have to do is hope that those watching and learning aren't all hypocrites, so we can actually get some things done with the combating of global warming.
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