Monday, December 10, 2007

Shalom!, Update, and Waffles 001!!!!

Shalom everyone!
I just want to tell you all that I am going to start posting here a lot more often because I'm going to take college classes next semester and I'll have more free time!!!! (a little more, but at least I'll have that!)
I'm going on a cruise between Saturday and Saturday, to Jamaica, Mexico, and another place! (It's on Carnival, so I hope it's good)
And I've decided to keep track of all the times that I see people talking about waffles on TV!
Okay, so the first one I'm keeping track of is 30 Rock, where in the episode aired on Nov. 15th, Somebody to Love, Tina Fey walks in and asks her roommate "Are you making waffles?" and she ends up getting into a strange conversation with some of co-workers about the waffles.
I'll upload the video within three months.

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