Thursday, March 20, 2008

3-23-08 (Cloverfield Spoof)

The first official trailer for the movie Colderfield has been uploaded to a number of video sites (curiously ones that give money back to the content owners).

That's the one I like the most, because I get money after 20,000 views instead of having to have people click on links to get me cash.

Make sure to spread the video (if you think it's good)!

At its current state, the movie is about half of the way through editing. I only have to add a couple of the "flashback" scenes, the credits, and just clean it up.
Surprisingly, to edit down the film (1:45 to 1:14) took about five hours, while the trailer (including making the various images and converting it to MP4) took about three.
I'm guessing that I have about ten hours of work left, which means that I have fifteen to twenty.

I'm hoping to get a second trailer (that's a spoof on the second Cloverfield trailer) up on the internet on Friday night or Saturday morning.
Look for the movie on 3-23-08.

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