Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I'm in the thatgamecompany blog!!!!

I'm in the thatgamecompany blog!
I'm in their blog about Folding@home, which is talking about the team's score.
Amish is kicking everyone's ass in finding the cure for cancer, Cloud668 trails behind with a measly 3407, and Jenova is pathetically in third place even though he has a PS3 SITTING AT HIS DESK.
I like that first line!

I have only 30 Work Units completed with the thatgamecompany team, but I have 46 total work units!!!!

Folding@home is on the PS3 (which is what I run it on) and the PC.
It was developed by Stanford University, which is where all the protein folding information is sent.

Remember to Fold@home!

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