Tuesday, May 8, 2007

TV Turn Off Week, Days 5-7

Well, it's taken longer to respond than I thought, but at least I'm posting it!!!:

Friday, April 27th, Day 5:
I slept and, before that, I skipped half of school to get a physical.
I also started to memorize hiragana, and I am actually getting pretty good at reading Japanese now, but I don't really know what's being said...

Saturday, April 28th, Day 6:
I slept, read, cleaned, and worked.
I was getting pretty bored, because I was tired of reading, and I had slept so much, I wasn't tired enough to even take a nap before eleven...
The post-prom started at 12:30, but I'm just going to talk about it now.
It was pretty fun, but I couldn't play any video games *tear*.
I won a new camera! It's a lot better than my old crappy one!
I memorized some more hiragana, and I was able to write "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto," but I didn't put the katakina, or whatever that one is, for Roboto, because I'll get to that later.

Sunday, April 29th, Day 7:
This was the second hardest day, because I had less than 24 hours until I could watch TV again.
I went to sleep at 4:30, and woke up at 11:20, because I had to go to Morris to go eat with my family and visit with my brother, who's in college.
I also learned some more hiragana, and slept.

Well, that's it!

I found out that I didn't need to go on the web, play games, or watch as much TV as I used to, because I can do so much more with my time if I didn't do as much of these.

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